Upcoming Courses

Art of Facilitation Online (Stage 1) October 21 to November 25, 2022 Eight half day sessions suitable for NZ and AU timezones

Essence of Facilitation (Stage 2) Provisionally scheduled as a one week in person training in Melbourne December 5-9, 22
To inquire or register please contact:  or

(Alternative option –  One seven hour session per week for 5 weeks (35 hrs) with offline work between sessions (5 hrs)

Art of Facilitation In-person (Stage 1) – new schedule pending
 (Melbourne, Australia)  40 hours over five days
To inquire or register please contact:  or

Facilitation Masterclass –     Dates and format to be advised

Latest Video Interview with Dale Hunter on the topic ‘Power Dynamics within Facilitator / Participant relationships’

We have now added our Philosophy to the site – link here

The Amazon link to Dale’s books is…
Organisations mentioned in this video include The Australasian Facilitators Network ( AFN ) and The International Association of Facilitators.

Zenergy Global Director Dr. Dale Hunter is the author of several internationally acclaimed books including The Art of Facilitation. Our Facilitation training programmes and services are based on these books.

We have recently digitised our out of print book Co-operacy. A new way of being at work.
Free Download here.

Co-operacy: A new way of being at work by Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey and Bill Taylor.

30 years ago the founders of Zenergy heralded that cooperation was fundamental to all human endeavours, and in fact was also fundamental for human wellness.  Social connection, purposeful endeavour and embodying the diversity of the group.  

In today’s world cooperation is even more critical as we face planetary challenges and a rapidly changing world, often coined VUCA, volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous.   These last two years have been for many the most challenging physically and mentally.   Cooperation is now even more important as we enter a hybrid life, face to face and online blended in some creative fashion.

We have this year gifted you our work, penned in 1997, whilst the world has advanced incredibly, the foundational principles outlined in this book still hold true.  You job, should you choose to accept it, is to translate what you read, guided by your own heart, mind and intuition into your world, at home, at work and in life.   


PS:  If you gained any insights, tools, principles you found valuable, let us know AND please pass this on and share widely.  The best gifts are paid forward.

The Zen of Groups – Spanish Translation

Management Zen


Management Zen is a Spanish translation of our first book, The Zen of Groups – A handbook for people meeting with purpose ( 1992). Management Zen was originally published in Argentina and has been out of print for a number of years. Spanish speakers may enjoy reading this version. Do download and use.

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We are a team of experienced facilitators who can come to you, or work with you online, and help your group achieve its purpose.

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Zenergy Global are part of a network with members based all over the world, please get in touch if you would like to consult us about facilitating your group.

All of our services are intended to offer you alternatives and assistance as you continue to working with the groups that you are a part of.

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Join us on the path to enrich our planet because we are all able to work together.

Tihei Mauri Ora!

What People Say

“I liked that it was not a ‘sit down and listen to me’ training programme, it was totally interactive and not a lecturer-student relationship.” 

Graham van Gilst

“What was the most value to me was the self-discovery that gave me the opportunity to learn about myself and see that I can improve on.”

Filipe R. Naivaukula

“Having the opportunity to explore the concepts around what good facilitation is. Really made me think. Gave me lots to ponder and provided me with a sense of ongoing benefits long after the week’s end.”

Graham Miller, TMS Consulting, Brisbane, Australia

Let’s get to work!