A Voyage of Self Facilitation

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A Voyage of Self Facilitation is a one-day workshop, introducing self-facilitation in the context of group facilitation. We will create a safe, experiential space for you to start exploring, developing and accepting yourself in the context of a group setting.

What is self-facilitation and what does it require? It means developing one’s own capacity to become an embodied, grounded, self-aware and self-reflecting person. It is one of the most important tools for anyone who wants to connect with others and especially for facilitators or anyone who works with groups.

Self-facilitation is an exciting (and sometimes scary) life-journey. Our one-day programme will take you to places within yourself that will surprise, delight and inspire you. This is in order for you to connect with better with others.

Working well in a group requires us to know and accept our whole selves, as well as accepting others in their wholeness, their brilliance and brokenness.

Self-facilitation means that everyone in the group is able to be fully present when they come together so they can work together better.


  • the concepts of welcome, getting present and creating a safe container for a group
  • the importance of alignment around purpose/intention and how we be/work together
  • the Zenergy facilitation framework and how “Self Facilitation” fits in.
  • warm up exercises in pairs.
  • group exercises that enable you to start the self-discovery journey.
  • safe feedback practices to support growth.
  • next steps, completion and celebration.


Who will benefit from this?

  • people who work with groups, either as a facilitator, or as an active participant. This includes people who work on agile projects, flat structures, relationships, teams and communities, where groups are expected to come together and start humming quickly
  • anyone who wants to explore their behaviour in relation to others, so they can connect more functionally and authentically.

Please note that this is not about fixing yourself or others. It is about growth and acceptance. It does not include any form of individual or group therapy.

This workshop will be led by Kelly Townsend, one of our Zenergy leaders and mentors, and supported by Kāren Hunter.

Kelly says “I enrolled in the Zenergy five-day Art of Facilitation course back in 2001. At that time I was more interested in exploring my behaviour in groups, than I was interested in learning to facilitate. Continuing through to the Diploma in Facilitation & Coaching, leading Zenergy programmes and continuing to connect with the Zenergy community has changed my life.”

“It hasn’t always been easy, but my emotional intelligence has greatly improved. I am now more able to self-facilitate and hold space compassionately for collective intelligence and synergy to emerge in a group.”

The beauty of this is that I don’t need to be wearing the ‘Facilitator hat’ to make a positive contribution to a group or a relationship and can benefit from the freedom and ease of more authentic and connected relationships in all aspects of my life.

Comments from A Voyage of Self Facilitation past participants:

This was an incredible experience for us both. Jessica and learned so much in such a small amount of timeThese are things we will keep with us forever.”
Auckland March 2019

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Comments from A Voyage of Self Facilitation Past Participants :

This was an incredible experience for us both. Jessica and I learned so much in such a small amount of time. These are things we will keep with us forever.” Auckland March 2019

Kelly Townsend – Freedom Through Connection