Stage Two: The Essence of Facilitation

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Stage Two: The Essence of Facilitation is a training programme for participants to develop their skills and understanding of facilitation and collective intelligence to a deeper level.

Zenergy programmes offer experiential learning with expert coaching.

This workshop builds on skills acquired in Stage One: The Art of Facilitation.

We practise ‘distinguishing’ what is missing in a group’s interaction and then develop the skills to ‘generate’ what is missing. We practise different ways to introduce the missing elements, while the group is in action.

Key areas ( distinctions )  we work with include:

  • purpose and culture
  • safety and trust
  • powerful listening and speaking
  • intentionality
  • emotional competence
  • completion
  • affirmation and celebration
  • authentic community

Each of these ‘distinctions’ is first identified both when it is present and when it is missing.

Processes for generating these distinctions within the group are explored.

Stage One: The Art of Facilitation is a prerequisite.

You will learn how to;

  • Distinguish key elements of intentionality, completion, emotional competence, intuition, powerful listening and speaking, safety and intimacy, power and equity.
  • Implement group processes appropriate to meeting the group purpose and maintain a balance between task and process, and individual and group needs.
  • Recognise and interrupt patterned behaviour including sabotage.
  • Attend to distress in self and others.
  • Demonstrate an ability to recognise and respond to the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual levels of being.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of differences in group energy and to shift the energy levels using appropriate processes, including presence.

Required Text for Stage Two (included) is The Essence of Facilitation

All Zenergy programmes are based on many years of experience and research in the area of co-operative technology, as explored and discussed in the books written by Dale Hunter and her colleagues.

Comments from Past Participants

“I think that it’s great that each programme is part of the whole Zenergy programme; a component of a larger entity” Dave Rees, Business Change Facilitator, UK and NZ

“What I found valuable was seeing conflict as an opportunity to move the group forward, the focus on purpose and culture, and the importance of checking in.”
Sarah Finlay, Auckland Council, New Zealand

Video testimonial by Dan Ducker