Our Philosophy

Quantum physics and quantum mechanics now suggest to us that the world is full of possibilities (waves) which become matter (particles) when we give them our attention. Our intentions affect which possibilities become real events. The deepest assumptions we have about time and reality, future and past are probably wrong. We have an opportunity (every moment) to consider and make choices about what kind of future we want on this planet and the part we play in that as human beings.

We can learn to truly value ourselves and each other as persons and wholes who are also parts of a greater unity – the groups, organisations, communities, societies of all human beings. And together we live in, can care for and value our physical environment – the whole of our planet Earth.

If human development to a more conscious, thoughtful, caring and co-operative way of being is even a dim possibility, we want to contribute to it. We want to expand that possibility to its fullest and richest and we invite you to be our partners and co-creators in this. This is a path and a journey which excites and enlivens us.

At Zenergy we want to make a contribution to new ways of being conscious humans and through developing theoretical and practical frameworks, methods, processes and techniques which can be a resource for others exploring the possibilities of a whole-person, co-operative, peer partnership-approach to living and working. We call this “co-operacy”.

Our intention is to discover, live and share our Zenergy vision of “Whole people co-operating in a sustainable world”.

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