Facilitation Training Programmes

Zenergy Facilitation training programmes
are based on many years of experience and research in the area of co-operative technology. Director Dr. Dale Hunter discusses these ideas in her books.

Do you want your groups to work better? Our programmes are designed to help you recognise ‘collective intelligence’ as a key to mastering facilitation. You will become a more effective Facilitator as a result of our training programmes! Improve your skills as a Facilitator and your groups will reap the rewards!

Synergy is a key element to better groups because a great group is more powerful than the sum of it’s parts. When synergy is present the sky is the limit and you will be able to empower your groups!

We have trained over 2000 people from the business, public, and community sectors and 65 people have finished the Diploma of Facilitation.

Read Dale Hunter’s article “Collective Intelligence”

Public and in-house programmes
can be custom designed to your specific needs.  Please contact one of our trainers to talk about the possibilities so we can help you plan your training.

These programmes are available in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States through the Zenergy Global network. Below are some links to help you find where our programmes are available near you.

The Zenergy Diploma of Facilitation combines modular Facilitation training programmes that are designed to provide you with in-depth training. You don’t have to take each module consecutively ( pre-requisites may apply ).

Zenergy Facilitation Training Programmes


The Diploma of Facilitation pathway: