Co-operacy: A New Way of Being at Work

What is involved in working in teams where consensus is valued? Dr Dale Hunter discusses the organisational change that begins when each team member is flourishing  as a ‘Whole Person’ in the book Co-operacy, a New Way of Being at Work.

Co-operacy is a process of collective decision-making as distinct from democracy or autocracy.

The book is in three parts. The first part explains the concepts, the second part discusses how to use the peer approach in a range of workplace relationships, and the final part contains activities designed to help readers develop peer partnerships.

The authors demonstrate how the principles of co-operacy can be applied through 61 processes for more effective teamwork, coaching, mentoring, peer counselling and peer development groups.

2022 UPdate!

This book as now been digitised and is available as a free download.

30 years ago the founders of Zenergy heralded that cooperation was fundamental to all human endeavours, and in fact was also fundamental for human wellness.  Social connection, purposeful endeavour and embodying the diversity of the group.

In today’s world cooperation is even more critical as we face planetary challenges and a rapidly changing world, often coined VUCA, volatile, unpredictable, complex and ambiguous.   These last two years have been for many the most challenging physically and mentally.   Cooperation is now even more important as we enter a hybrid life, face to face and online blended in some creative fashion.

We have this year gifted you our work, penned in 1997, whilst the world has advanced incredibly, the foundational principles outlined in this book still hold true.  You job, should you choose to accept it, is to translate what you read, guided by your own heart, mind and intuition into your world, at home, at work and in life.


PS:  If you gained any insights, tools, principles you found valuable, let us know AND please pass this on and share widely.  The best gifts are paid forward.