The Zen of Groups – Spanish translation


Management Zen is a Spanish translation of our first book, The Zen of Groups – A handbook for people meeting with purpose ( 1992). Management Zen was originally published in Argentina and has been out of print for a number of years. Spanish speakers may enjoy reading this version. Do download and use.

The purpose of the book is to alter consciousness about what is possible for groups and to provide access to group synergy. It offers insight into what makes groups work powerfully, and includes a large selection of exercises and techniques which will will assist your group to move through the processes and stages which will make this possible.

The book is designed to appeal to a broad spectrum of readers involved in organisations, business, community groups, education and recreation. It is written to be accessible to everyone who is part of a work, community, social family or support group. And it will be useful for all groups you are in, particularly those of up to 30 people.

The leadership role we explore in depth is that of a facilitator.

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