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Facilitating Peer Support Groups and Peer Development Groups

To effectively facilitate peer support and development groups requires a combination of intentionality, structure, purpose and a supportive culture. Peer support and development support groups work best when they are relatively small and contain six or less people in size. A small group of people that you consider are your peers can come together around … Continue reading Facilitating Peer Support Groups and Peer Development Groups

Being with a Group

This multi-media blog post explores musical performance through the Zenergy Global Facilitation lens of the three states of a Facilitators ‘being’ – ‘being with self’, ‘being with another’ and ‘being with the group’. by Kāren Hunter.

Reflections Beyond Marrakesh

Our Zenergy Stage 2 facilitation programme develops an awareness of 'what is missing', and the ability to 'generate' through the core distinctions of facilitation: Purpose, culture, powerful listening, powerful speaking, 'being with', intentionality, intuition, 'power with', fearless and ruthless compassion and emotional competence. By Simone Maus.