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Freedom Through Connection

Kelly Townsend, one of our program leaders and mentors has just launched her own website “Freedom Through Connection” which has been her personal purpose for the last 15 years. The purpose came out of a session at a Zenergy gathering at Tauhara many years ago, and Kelly can still remember some of the people who were in the group with her when it emerged. It has never wavered and is now brought to life in under three headings:

  • Connecting to Self – one on one holding space sessions using narrative coaching and generative listening; approaches that support an individual’s ability to self-facilitate.
  • Connecting to Others – Kelly collaborates with other Zenergy leaders on Zenergy programs, as well as team diagnosis/building/conflict resolution & communication work for clients. She has many years of HR experience and provides general HR consulting, advice, process design etc.
  • Connecting via Ceremony – Kelly is a registered celebrant and conducts weddings, funerals and other types of unique and personalised ceremony, including ceremony for life transitions and community events.

All of these offerings are underpinned by the need for powerful presence and listening, core skills developed on Zenergy programs. For example, in her celebrant work, when she designs a ceremony for a funeral, she will meet a family where the emotion is often raw. She needs to gain alignment around the essence and content of the ceremony, and who will be involved. “Being with” and powerful listening and speaking are core skills in this type of work, as is emotional intelligence when the potential for pain and conflict is present; often there is a need to somehow blend a family’s wishes with an individual’s wishes and the principle of listening for alignment can help here.

Kelly believes that the Zenergy philosophy has been integral to the development of her work both personally and professionally. She is currently co-creating with other Zenergy leaders and we will be launching a number of one day offerings shortly to compliment our existing programs. Watch this space!

Freedom Through Connection

Kelly Townsend is an inspirational Zenergy Global programme leader who believes in Freedom Through Connection.

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