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Facilitating Peer Support Groups and Peer Development Groups

To effectively facilitate peer support and development groups requires a combination of intentionality, structure, purpose and a supportive culture. Peer support and development support groups work best when they are relatively small and contain six or less people in size. A small group of people that you consider are your peers can come together around … Continue reading Facilitating Peer Support Groups and Peer Development Groups

Book Review: The Art of Facilitation

“The Art of Facilitation seamlessly translates from community to corporate application, and is a Must Read for anyone who facilitates groups of people. A truly New Zealand perspective on communication that acknowledges the humanity behind our daily interaction, and made me personally review my practices. In an ideal world this would be compulsory reading at secondary schools and endorsed as complement to Sun Tsu’s Art of War in corporate strategy.”

The Future by Al Gore

A question asked of Gore when he was on the road eight years ago was: ”What are the drivers of Global change?” He answered it at the time by listing the ‘usual suspects’ and left it at that. However, the question kept him thinking and demanding a more precise, accurate and detailed answer.

Other People’s Wars by Nicky Hager

In this book Nicky Hager has proven once again to be a formidable investigative journalist. With the unofficial help from some New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) personnel, together with the Ombudsman’s office, and Wikileaks, Hager shines a bright light into the dark recesses between the NZ parliament and the NZ military and intelligence agencies.