Visa Consulting invites “The Art of Facilitation programme” to Singapore

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kelly Townsend and Simone Maus recently delivered “The Art of Facilitation” programme to a group of seven Visa consultants from six different countries in the Halia (Ginger) Room at the Botanical Gardens in Singapore.

The workshop was unique as it worked with an existing team of consultants who already knew each other well. The outcome was very positive and shone a lot of light on how the Zenergy Facilitation Methodology can assist consultants in their facilitation of client workshops. We worked with challenges like balancing the roles of subject matter expert and group facilitator, working with hierarchies and different cultures, and time restrictions.

The client feedback was excellent:

“A challenging, transformational week that focused us to become a group and take responsibility for our journey. We have all become more confident and effective facilitators.”

“Helped me to identify improvement opportunities to polish my facilitation skills. Enlightened me to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Facilitated a group binding that might not be achieved in another training.”

“Self discovery journey. Able to contribute to group committed and standing on common purpose.”

“It was an interesting, unique, special and very informative program. The program made it possible to go on a very special journey with a group of colleagues and come out of that not only achieving our purpose, but gaining some powerful insights about each other and ourselves.”

“Taking us through the journey to learn the Art of Facilitation. It had its ups and downs but I couldn’t have expected the quality of outcome I received.”
“The forum to look inward and derive insights to allow co-operacy and engagement with people in more depth.”

“I have improved myself as a person, not just as a facilitator”

By Simone Maus

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