Crude by the Climate Clowns @globalheartwarming

Crude, the first of 5 videos, has been released by Global Heartwarming in the led up to the Paris 2015, World Climate Summit. It is turning out to be one of my main projects so far for 2015. It is a project I am participating in as an actor-deviser (climate clown), web designer and super friend, say rather than as a facilitator. Even without this official role I have contributed process around purpose and culture to support the clarity of decision making, and worked hard at being congruent. Their website host, for example, is run entirely on renewable energy. This attention to the small details I think is brilliant.

A little bit about Global Heartwarming might be useful for those of you that don’t know. It is basically a project setup to encourage collaboration around the issue of climate change and comedy. There is a surprising amount a things that need to go into making something funny, from cooking good food to lining up voice tracks with filmed lip movement. This is our first attempt, for some of us, ever at making a video. Climate Clowns tend to be improv theatre junkies or hospital doctors.

Our hope is that more people will want to participate as they connect with the idea that “warming our hearts and not the climate” can have a massive effect on how we act individually and collectively on this deadly issue. If you love to laugh and make merry, we welcome your participation with open arms.

We believe, more grassroot actions of this type are needed to help the human race have a real change of heart.

So I ask you to pause for a moment and take stock. Our addiction to using and relying on fossil fuels is directly related to the extreme weather patterns being experienced by countries around the world at the moment. One way we can participate in fixing it is by keeping coal, gas and oil in the ground. It is as simple as making choices around walking and driving, “why drive when you can walk”. There are lots of other ways you can help. Learn more here.

Please show your support for doing something about climate change by sharing the video above and feel free to visit our website to connect.

Climate Clown #21

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