Testimonial from St Thomas of Canterbury School H.O.D

June 29, 2016 

Since attending Zenergy I can honestly say that the impact has been life changing. The skills and understanding of facilitation which I developed during the days with Corina and the team have allowed me to revolutionise the way I approach development and training. I have been able to use many of the skills in working with external groups as well as groups within my organisation. The shift in energy has been tangible; with so many of the people involved clearly benefitting from the approach of unlocking collective intelligence.

While facilitating a recent group, one person said to me, almost in disbelief, ‘If all our professional development in schools was like this, they would all be much better places.’ Where I have noticed the biggest difference is in my ability to facilitate a group to create a purpose and culture; this has become the anchor to all my work, and the way it supports group development and collective intelligence is almost beyond words. The children in my school have also seen huge benefits from my attendance of Zenergy; very shortly after coming back, I introduced in the moment coaching for my teachers, and this has seen professional development and teaching taken to the next level.  Only 2 months after attending Zenergy, I am so excited about what the future holds for the staff and children at my school as I continue to use the skills gained to unlock the huge collective potential within my organisation.

Mr Liam Colclough
Head of School
St Thomas of Canterbury School
A Catholic Voluntary Academy
Chancet Wood Drive
S8 7TR

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