IAF Conference workshop 2016; 50 Shades of Decision-making in Practice

IAF Conference workshop 2016. Simone Maus and Dale Hunter will present a 2 hour workshop at the upcoming International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Conference in Melbourne on the 25-27th of May 2016.

April 13, 2016

Decision Making is a constant process and part of our lives, which influences how we shape our future. As facilitators we are constantly faced with the question of how to facilitate decision-making in groups to meet the group’s purpose.

Zenergy has been working with the development, research and facilitation of group processes for over 25 years. Within that, co-operative decision-making is one of the foundational principles of the Zenergy technology.

At the last Australian Facilitator Network (AFN) Conference in Ballina, Australia in November 2015, we facilitated a workshop called 50 shades of decision-making. We brainstormed and discussed 50 decision-making techniques and tools for group decision-making.  The workshop generated interest in exploring and sharing these tools further and we immediately saw the value in expanding this knowledge and making it available to more facilitators, both in a written form and in practical demonstrations.

We are currently working on a document, which lists these 50+ decision-making methods and we will make this list available to facilitators as a free resource tool at the IAF workshop. Update – here is the document

The purpose of this 2nd workshop at the IAF Conference workshop 2016 is to explore and practise decision-making tools and techniques for facilitators.

Our IAF Conference workshop 2016 will include decision-making tools such as Hand-signals and voices, Criteria Setting, Continuums, Dotmocracy, Prioritisation, Generational Thinking, Theory U, Journaling with Intent, Developing Consensus, Sociocracy, Holacracy and many more.

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