Clowns for climate change – global heart warming

Sunday, April 26, 2015

All major environmental organizations are putting their efforts behind this. Presidents Obama, Xi and Prime Minister Modi are all making the right kinds of noises at the same time for the first time ever. Pope Francis is due to issue an encyclical to all 400,000 Catholic priests to take action. It is the stated number one priority for UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Media interest will therefore be very high as the year goes on. Social media interest will, if anything, be higher.

The plan for this project is to make five 2-3min videos that are funny, moving, poetic and on-message. They will be one of the means by which pressure for action can be applied. They will hopefully stimulate laughter and love.

This project is being directed by renowned master of clown and improvisation, Giovanni Fusetti, and produced by, comedian and climate advocate, Tejopala Rawls.“We people are stupid and loving, careless and powerful, we can do real bad but also real good. We care for our veggie garden and lawns and we deforest entire regions of the planet. We are addicted to oil and to the quest for happiness…We are a funny species.

Everyone involved has donated their precious time to this project. It is worth it, any effort towards building a sustainable world always are.

By Akasadaka Robison

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