Zenergy Global Masterclass offered in October 2023

What’s a Zenergy Facilitation Masterclass?

Zenergy Masterclasses are opportunities to explore emergence within a group context. It’s common at the Masterclasses to experience the sensation of being on the edge of something mysterious, exciting and a little bit dangerous. There is an invitation to find out who I am in that space and how it relates to who I am in the rest of my life, as an individual, as a colleague and as a musician.

Generally I see most facilitators go into a session with a pretty clear idea of what’s going to happen. Facilitation means all sorts of things these days and it gets confused with roles like ‘teacher or coach ’. In a Zenergy context, ‘Facilitator’ means ‘expert process guide’. The role of a Zenergy facilitator is to guide the energy of the group they are working with towards a purpose that the group itself has aligned around. So it’s not subject specific. However the key tool of presence…. (in the form of say, listening and super clear communication, for example) can be applied to any kind of facilitation, including teaching.

A Zenergy facilitator has a kete of processes & resources that they have experience working with in groups. So there is a confidence in introducing processes, and opening portals of potential within those processes. This can only be developed in practice.

The Zenergy masterclass is the place to practise.

Best selling author Dale Hunter, who co-founded the company in 1990, will be present at this masterclass. Dale is stepping down from her role and there will be a celebration of the last 30+ years of her work.

I will be there too ( Kāren ) , I’ll have my instruments and my laptop to play music & talk about astrology with participants if asked.

Intrigued? Please read the following information written by the Masterclass lead facilitators Stephen Thorpe and Dan Ducker.

Mauri Ora!
Kāren Hunter
Musician and consulting Astrologer
instagram & facebook @karen.hunter.nz
website www.karenhunter.com

The upcoming Zenergy Masterclass will be held in Tauranga in October over the 4 day period of 19-22nd.

To enquire and enrol please contact ;

Stephen Thorpe, stephen@zenergyglobal.com 021 412 627
Or Dan Ducker, dan@ecomatters.org.nzOr complete an enquiry on the contact form. https://zenergyglobal.com/contact/

Facilitators are the new leaders
“Change and complexity are constants in today’s world and the need to create peer environments that are flexible, responsive and rich with possibility has never been more pressing.
People from business, not-for-profit organisations, government and the community are discovering that facilitation provides the means for them to work more effectively together. As a result facilitation skills are in increasing demand.

Facilitators provide a unique style of leadership. They strive to create richer, more potent relationships and in doing so unleash the potential of the groups and teams they work with. Supporting people to work effectively in the face of uncertainty, catalysing new ways of working together, generating commitment and having people extend themselves in service to their agreed purpose – this is the domain, and the art, of facilitation.”
Zenergy Ltd has been providing facilitation and coaching training since 1993. It has an international reputation with over 3000 participants around the world and is widely regarded as being on the leading edge in the development of the profession of facilitation worldwide.
The Zenergy Facilitation Master Class
Now senior Zenergy leaders, Dr Stephen Thorpe and Dr Dan Ducker, are leading a Zenergy Facilitation Master Class in Tauranga on Thursday 19 October – Sunday 22 October.
The Master Class is an opportunity for experienced group facilitators to receive feedback and coaching towards fine tuning their practice, and to uncover new ways of tapping into the full potency of groups.

Mastery is an ongoing journey of refinement and at times transformation. The Master Class provides the support and incentive to try new ways of being and doing that enables those steps towards mastery to be taken. Each participant works on their own chosen area of development – their ‘leading edges’. Participants try out new approaches in a supportive environment and experience the enhanced learning from the ongoing coaching and feedback provided by Dr Stephen Thorpe and Dr Dan Ducker.

The Master Class is ideal for those who are serious about deepening their facilitation skills, the programme is also a module in Zenergy’s Diploma of Facilitation – created for those interested in undertaking the development necessary to become competent, professional facilitators.
discussing Zenergy’s approach to the Master Class in 2011:

The Masterclass Content and Approach

The programme provides participant-focused experiential skills training in group facilitation.
The approach taken is hands-on and highly experiential. Over the 4 days participants are coached and receive feedback from Zenergy’s experienced programme leaders, and the other participants, as they work on their leading edges with the group.

Facilitation Leading Edges

Aspects of facilitation chosen by previous participants have included:
• Expanded group consciousness
• Presence and presencing
• Theory U dialogue
• Appreciative Inquiry
• Collective intelligence
• Facilitated storytelling
• Creative expression –
• drawing, painting and movement
• Self-Organising Networks and Groups (SONG’s)
• Generating social change towards a sustainable world
• Working with energy
• Working with conflict
• Analysis of group process
• Designing organisational interventions
• Blended realities – f2f and online facilitation in various combinations
• Designing powerful follow-up
• Project, process and workshop design
• Evaluation and assessment
To enquire further about The Zenergy Master Class in October please contact:

To enquire and enrol please contact ;

Stephen Thorpe, stephen@zenergyglobal.com 021 412 627
Or Dan Ducker, dan@ecomatters.org.nz
Or complete an enquiry on the contact form. https://zenergyglobal.com/contact/

Programme Fee

NZD $2,100+GST
NZD $1,500+GST (community and not-for-profit)
NZD $750+GST (reviewer – someone who has done this programme before)

Accommodation options available

Inquire about staying onsite – contact Emma Skellern – 0284 218284 emma.skellern@gmail.com for related queries.

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