Stephen Thorpe

Dr. Stephen Thorpe is a Director of Zenergy, an academic, facilitator, trainer, and educator who specialises in group work in the online world. He is passionate about assisting people to collaborate using a range of online technologies and trains people around the world in online facilitation skills.

Stephen loves researching ways to enhance the effectiveness of online groups and his Ph.D. explored the use of storytelling in the facilitation of online relationship development. Stephen also holds a Diploma of Facilitation from Zenergy and a Bachelor of Business with First Class Honours from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) where he has a background researching computer-assisted group work and teaching user-centered design part-time.

He is the Deputy Head of the School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at the Auckland university of Technology and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Group Facilitation: A Research and Applications Journal an international peer-reviewed journal for group facilitation practitioners. Stephen is also is a member of the E-Government Participation Community of Practice – part of New Zealand’s E-Government strategy and on the Advisory Panel of the Global Facilitators Service Corps (GFSC).

Some of Stephen’s recent publications include: a chapter on The Use of Storytelling in Building Online Group Relationships in the Handbook of Research on Computer Mediated Communication (2008); a chapter onFacilitating Effective Online Participation in E-Government. In New Zealand E-government 2007: Progress Towards Transformation published by the State Services Commission; and a chapter entitled Facilitation Online inThe Art of Facilitation (2007).
Research Publications

Chapters in Books

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