Laurel Freeland

Laurel Freeland has enjoyed a long association with Zenergy Global and joined the team in 2016 to become a programme leader for the Zenergy Courses.  She feels a strong connection with the Zenergy vision of whole people cooperating in a sustainable world and recognises the power of facilitation to change the world.

As a professional facilitator and trainer Laurel uses the lens of social ecology for systemic transformation. She has a background in corporate and government both regionally and internationally, developing and delivering programs that help people lead collaboratively, manage mindfully, think strategically and work creatively.

One of her strengths is her ability to work with different groups and contexts.  Occasionally working as an academic in a University MBA stream she coordinates an international Business Society and the Planetary Ethics course.  Laurel also runs regenerative, cultural and deep ecology events with community and is experienced working with local government leadership, CMAs, boards, campaigns and women’s leadership.

Laurel is a catalyst for life enhancing change and holds many formal and informal qualifications including : M. Ed (Social Ecology), International Climate Reality Program, Education for Sustainability, Transition Towns, MBTI, NLP and Avatar® Training . She has a passion for learning from indigenous cultures and reconnecting people with the natural environment through her work. Laurel researches, writes and conducts training in a range of social and environmentally related topics and coaches organisations to integrate sustainability practices into their businesses.

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