Whole-person facilitation in Australia

Thursday, June 29, 2017Whole person facilitation in Australia – We found some Gold in the song lines we shared together

On the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation and the Elders both past and present we gathered for a week with a precious group of people.

We were a team of 6 from the Aboriginal Affairs department in New South Wales, a community engagement consultant and myself from Melbourne and two people from New Zealand. The group worked hard with the help of the Zenergy tools to be more effective facilitators out in the communities where they work. Through the conditions set up by the Zenergy Training, the group was able to go deeper into exploring their whole person facilitation styles and to become aware on what levels we listen from and intervene from. By levels, we are referring to the levels of a whole person and the group, which are mentioned in the Art of Facilitation book by Dale Hunter et al, page 87: Physical, Emotional, Intuitive, Energetic, Synergetic, Thinking and Spiritual Levels.

From the beginning of the week participants started to notice that something else was present between us and we tuned into what that might be. The learnings were profound. There are many words that can describe what groups can create together when it becomes larger then it’s parts. Some of those that were mentioned were: ” We are hearing the message of the elders through the song lines.” “We are accessing Collective Intelligence” ” The message of our ancestors becomes present in the group and healing can emerge” “I am hearing the word – Gold”

Zenergy Graduates

Zenergy Graduates from the Land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation workshop

Here is some of the feedback from the participants. What did they say? 

“Course is embedded in the whole person intuitive, psychic etc., that is so valuable in real life as it is about myself and home and at work and also when I am alone etc. so I cannot get away from me… very real life programme. I am excited about me again, something I thought I lost. ” Charles Trindall, Aboriginal Affairs, NSW

“How valuable it was for self learning, people learning as well as facilitation learning. It was great having to learn to learn outside the comfort zone. Content was amazing.- Thank you” Vicky Stewart, New Zealand

“I valued my ability to align myself with my spiritual understanding. … I became the purpose. I am an effective facilitator. I loved every bit of learning I received.” Shondelle Bolt, Aboriginal Affairs, NSW

“I found the whole programme very valuable. … I loved the check in, Learnings and completions, very good. ” Adrian Hansen, Aboriginal Affairs, NSW

“Learning from doing and learning from each other – powerful stuff. Really enjoyed the support and contributions of the other participants and the coaches. Feedback, coaching and practicing really accelerated and internalised the learnings.” Nicola Mendleson, Community Engagement Consultant, Melbourne.

Welcome to our eight new Zenergy Graduates!

by Simone Maus

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