Welcome to our new Graduates from Singapore

In November 2016, Visa Consulting, Singapore invited Zenergy Global  to deliver the Art of Facilitation programme to a diverse team of consultants. The training was delivered as a newly designed 3.5 day Art of Facilitation programme that was tailored specifically to the needs of consultants and the needs of an existing team within one company.

Akasadaka and I travelled to Singapore and delivered the training and we now have 7 new Graduates who are working in Singapore, Japan and Malaysia.

Singaporean Graduates 2016

Singaporean Zenergy Facilitation Graduates 2016

Although the programme was shortened the days were longer and we were surprised how the energy levels stayed up throughout the days, which we credit a lot to the nature of the experiential training programme, where participants can be fully engaged and in action learning through practice over a long period of time.

The feedback showed that some Zenergy concepts were new, challenging and after some practice really rewarding for the work of consultants. Here are some examples of those that were fed back to us as learning’s from the participants:

‘Being present’ is important to not miss where the energy of the group is
The importance of practicing ‘being comfortable in the uncomfortable’ : for example in the presence of the ‘unknown’ or of silence.
Using different filters for when I am listening to ‘mine the gold’ of what is said.
Using different body language to encourage engagement and contribution.
Understanding the importance of ‘individual purpose’ before developing a ‘group purpose’.
Facilitation versus ‘directing’. Realising the value of facilitative leadership.

The feedback for the training was wonderful and included comments like:“Aspects of self awareness raised”  Sharon

“The practical aspects really stretches you, and consolidates the learning.”

“The facilitators really managed the energy levels”

“The provision of a safe and nurturing environment for you to learn in.” Leon

“The opportunity to try again/repetition/ improvisation was valuable” Lara

The new 3.5 Art of Facilitation programme will now become a specific Zenergy programme offered to businesses who have limited time available and who would like to benefit from these skills.

By Simone Maus

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