Voyage of Self Facilitation

Exploring self-facilitation in the context of group facilitation

The new one day Zenergy training programme Voyage of Self Facilitation focuses on the ability to ground or centre oneself while facilitating a group. This programme has been designed as both an introduction to the Zenergy Stage One course, and also as a stand alone workshop. It is for people who find themselves holding the role of Facilitator somewhere in their lives where co-operation is important (work, group/team, meetings, family) and who feel they would benefit from developing some tools to broaden their skillset.

The inaugural programme was held in Auckland in April 2019.

Once we had shared the essence of the Zenergy Facilitation Model, we moved straight into practice, slowly building up our tool kit with a range of exercises. In the afternoon, we brought it all together. Everyone had the opportunity to facilitate, and receive one on one coaching in the moment, followed by feedback from the group.

Here is some feedback from participants:

I found it beneficial to observe others in the group to see how they responded, reacted and showed up to the activities. It was also interesting to reflect on how I adjusted myself in response to those observations

What worked well for the purpose of the workshop was providing time and space after to reflect on your self during the facilitated activities.

When I’m in my “power”, I feel great, but it’s hard to stay in that space. I’m often in my head. Channeling through my head, then my heart, then right into my gut and listening from that integrated place, feels good to me. 

These skills also support the ability to connect with others in your day to day life, and to be an effective participant in groups you are a part of.