The Essence of Facilitation: Sept 2018

The Zenergy Global Stage Two programme: The Essence of Facilitation was held in Sudarshanakoka Retreat Centre, September 2018 with programme leaders Akasadaka Robison and Kelly Townsend.

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The essence of facilitation has given me so much. I felt it is one of the most worthwhile personal development programs I have ever attended. The richness and depth of information has bought incredible tools that I can transfer to many different elements of my life.
Treya Bradley, ex-Organic Shop Manager, Auckland
Facilitation is a much needed skill in our world. The Zenergy courses offer an immersive experience where we develop skills to facilitate groups whilst encountering real group dynamics
Emma Skellern, Research Partner – Development @ Unitec
I have just completed the essence of facilitation with Akasadaka and Kelly. The guidance, support and coaching was outstanding throughout the whole programme.
Kim Conroy, Department of Management, University of Otago
The engagement processes I have learned through the essence of facilitation course have boosted my insight and confidence for working with people in groups. It has provided some valuable tools for my toolbox in assisting people to engage with their work teams and function at their highest potential.
Brett Nairn, Project Manager, Dunedin City Council
The Zenergy approach and transformations possible through its application gives me real hope and a sense of excitement for the future of our communities and environment
Jill Corson, Consultant for community planning and landscape architecture, Dunedin
A nurturing and playful atmosphere to co-create, play and explore with others in a group where learning feels fun. I especially enjoyed identifying the distinctions when ‘present’ and also when ‘absent’ or missing.
Ms Lisa Gibson, Peace Foundation Aotearoa/NZ

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