Testimonials & Participant Comments

Stage One

The passion, commitment, intent and purpose bringing experience, focus and momentum to the workshop whilst capturing (intuiting, thinking, feeling etc.) and promoting the potential energy and richness within the group. this created a warm, challenging and life changing learning and experience. Most powerful course I’ve ever participated in.”

Ross Campion, QuestCoach, London

“…I feel as though some of the most valuable learnings are somehow integrated into my being already. Both trainers were excellent role models, especially in the very crucial aspect of allowing the group intelligence to emerge. The programme has been inspiring and I’ve got much more than I bargained for. I’m really excited to apply some of the insights & learnings from the programme.”

Barney Rivers, Environment Waikato, Hamilton

“Having the opportunity to explore the concepts around what good facilitation is. Really made me think. Gave me lots to ponder and provided me with a sense of ongoing benefits long after the week’s end.”

Graham Miller, TMS Consulting, Brisbane, Australia

“What I found valuable was seeing conflict as an opportunity to move the group forward, the focus on purpose and culture, and the importance of checking in.”

Sarah Finlay, Auckland Council

“I liked that it was not a ‘sit down and listen to me’ training programme, it was totally interactive and not a lecturer-student relationship.”

Graham van Gilst

“What was the most value to me was the self-discovery that gave me the opportunity to learn about myself and see that I can improve on.”

Filipe R. Naivaukula

“It was a powerful and moving experience. I feel so much more confident and powerful as a facilitator.”

Angelina Stanton

Master Class

Greg Menendez (BrandEcology)

“What I found valuable was the honouring and respect; the deeper unspoken work of a facilitator; being challenged respectfully and the aroha.”

Gena Moses

“What I found valuable was the energy of the group and access to the expanded consciousness; commitment of individuals; diversity of culture and expression; music, dance, play; speed, velocity, rhythm.”

Hadyn Olsen (www.wave.org.nz)

“What I found valuable was the diversity of the participants…the space that was made available to explore the learnings.”

Helen Dawn

“Being able to cement my leading edge and to live in it and know that I can claim and own the greatness of me.”

Patricia Dyer

“All Zenergy courses I have participated were transformational in their own, unique way. Doing my Master Class …. helped me to ground my understanding and skills of facilitation on deep roots, which give me the knowledge, experience and conficence to build trust and power with myself, another, groups and teams, in a light and fun way. And from this space to create the best outcomes! I would recommend Zenergy to anyone, specially those who want to lead in a new, innovative, more human way.”

Paula Benetton, The Zone

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