Panel on Diversity in the Workplace and Climate Awareness

I am honoured to have facilitated a panel discussion focusing on getting beyond the tick on workplace diversity and climate awareness. It was held at the Auckland University of Technology this morning as part of #techweek2023. The session was on Diversity and Environmental Awareness. A great panel line-up with students and industry exploring student expectations of future employers, bias in the recruitment process, and aspirations for the future.

Takeaways included the importance of getting below the tip of the iceberg on diversity – beyond the surface aspects of race, religion and gender. Also, in encouraging workplaces to shift beyond the tick – in that sometimes workplace diversity can be experienced as a box ticking exercise. Also explored were some of the disproportionate impacts of society’s focus on the short term. I enjoyed the conversations that challenged some of our thinking on initiatives around transport and energy.
The closing challenge was to read and engage more and suggested homework to explore some of the work by Dr Gillian Martin on cultural diversity in the workplace.

Stephen Thorpe

Panel discussion to get beyond the tick on workplace diversity and climate awareness

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