The Zen of Groups

The Zen of Groups: The Handbook for People Meeting with a Purpose by Dale Hunter, Anne Bailey and Bill Taylor.

Making the most of being in groups is a valuable life skill and this book shows how the effectiveness of all groups can be greatly increased.

The authors of The Zen of Groups, all experienced facilitators, explain the skills required and the benefits to be derived from effective groups. This combination of personal experience and practical advice will have wide appeal for facilitators, trainers and group members.

This book is the first in the Zenergy series and a good way to start the journey to becoming an effective group member and facilitator.  Some educational institutes use The Zen of Groups as a text in classes on organisational group-work.

The first nine chapters contain the essence of effective work in groups, including joining, belonging, leaving; leadership and power issues; stages of a group; guidelines for a facilitator; listening and speaking; and conflict and synergy.

The second part is a toolkit containing 96 exercises to help any group move through the processes and stages to make group synergy a reality. It includes practical activities, designs and processes, and a model facilitation training programme.

Suitable for teenagers as well as adults.

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Management Zen cover


Management Zen is a Spanish translation of our first book, The Zen of Groups – A handbook for people meeting with purpose ( 1992). Management Zen was originally published in Argentina and has been out of print for a number of years. Spanish speakers may enjoy reading this version. Do download and use.