Being a Facilitator – A new one day programme.

Being a Facilitator – NEW one-day introduction programme into
Zenergy Group Facilitation
Where: Melbourne, LaTrobe University
When: 29 November 2018
Costs: $ 360 AUD

“The most important work for any facilitator is developing one’s own capacity to be
and become an embodied, grounded, self-aware and self-reflecting person – to
facilitate self”. Dr Dale Hunter et al: The Art of Facilitation.
A facilitator’s power is very often unseen. This is what we call ‘the being’ of a
facilitator. From the outside it might look like that a facilitator is not doing much;
from the inside a facilitator can change the course of events in a group by a way
of being. This might include concepts like “Holding Space”, “Standing in a
purpose”, “Holding an intention”, “Powerful Listening” and “Being With”. The
way a facilitator is being can determine how much diversity, creativity and
wisdom can be generated in a group.
This workshop will introduce participants into the ways of being and the skills
needed to facilitate group and team processes. The programme will be
experiential and full of practical tools that facilitators can experience, learn,
embody and take home with them.
After exploring what it means to be a facilitator, we will share some practical
processes that give facilitators the tools to celebrate diversity, creativity and
wisdom in their groups.
The programme is supported by a depth of resources developed by Zenergy
Global, published in “The Art of Facilitation”, “The Essence of Facilitation” and
“Co-operacy – a new way of being at work”. Dr. Dale Hunter, the founder of the
Zenergy methodology was a co-author in all three books.
The programme will draw from:
 Philosophy and methodology of facilitation;
 Being, embodiment and alignment;
 Aligning on a purpose;
 Developing a common culture;
 Self-facilitation;
 Getting full participation,
 Getting present,
 Powerful listening,
 Develop intervention skills in an unknown,
 Emerging future;
 Making and receiving challenges;
 Using continuums and other action methods;
 The experiential learning cycle;
 Developing feedback skills;
 Distinguishing guiding the process from being a content expert;
 Understanding emotional competence and understanding the nature of
We will use tools of dialoguing, improvisation, role-play, creative arts and many
other processes to explore the wisdom in the group around the subject of being a
facilitator. The programme will also give an introduction into the experiential
training that is the defining essence of the Zenergy Global training programmes.

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