AFN Conference, Alice Springs, 2014

There were 8 Zenergy Global Diploma graduates at the September (2014) Australasian Facilitators Network Conference (AFN) held at the Olive Pink Botanic Garden, Alice Springs, Central Australia.

The conference coincided with Zenergy Global’s 21st Birthday and the Diploma Graduates celebrated this with a pre-conference dinner. Diploma Graduates attending the dinner included Rick Sommerford, Laurel Freeland and Joan Firkins from Australia and Ross Campion who travelled over from London.Dale has been a vital part of this community for many years and attended 15 of the conferences but for new course leaders: Akasadaka, Simone Maus and myself it was a first.

The theme of the conference was ‘Walking Together’ which referred to the relationship between the First Nations people and the descendants of the colonists who began migrating to the continent in the late 1700’s. In Australian you say “between black fullas and white fullas”. Centuries of miscommunication between these two peoples have resulted in an ever increasing need for all whom consider themselves now Australian to work more effectively together…. to walk together. This has plenty of relevance for us here in New Zealand/Aotearoa as well.

Central to the AFN were many workshop sessions led by Aboriginal facilitators including Frank Ansell who led a session with conference organiser Sue Gregory called The Spirit of Facilitation, the Indigenous Way. This empowering workshop reinforced that we are all ‘awesome’ and we all have a gift of healing to offer everyone with whom we come into contact.

One highlight for me was a pre conference workshop with Munya Andrews titled Living the Dreamtime in Everyday Life. Munya told us stories that introduced us to her culture, gave us rocks to paint in traditional designs and taught us a beautiful song called Yamingi Yamingi about a special bird descending to a water hole to drink. She invited us to dance as flying birds in a circle in the centre of the spiraling song. I was called to dance. Munya explained that in her culture some people will be known as singers and others will be known as dancers. As a musician I was humbled to find my dancer-self in this hot, thirsty environment. Kia Ora Munya.

Dale led a conference session called ‘Digesting the Darkness’ exploring what happens when a facilitator becomes triggered while working with a group. Participants explored their experiences of this happening to them and shared ways that they re-centre themselves. A model for regrounding and reconnecting with the group purpose, developed on a Zenergy Masterclass was shared with the group.

I led a workshop entitled Being in Music – I have blogged about it here and included a breakdown of the processes I used.

I’d like to finish this article with another workshop highlight that involved song and dance by our very own Simone Maus who led a  Wisdom Circle culminating in a spontaneous expression of freedom through song and movement.  I have added some videos on the links below.

Song one – the song in it’s more complete form

Song two – a little more laughter on this one 🙂

by Kāren Hunter

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