Whole Team Training

Moving to a co-operative team working structure can have enormous implications for participants who are used to working in a hierarchical model. It is necessary to learn a way of interacting that is different from past conditioning. New values and behaviours need to be developed which are respectful and valuing of each person’s contribution. This or similar training is a must for those in project, managed or self-managed teams.

We offer 1, 2 or 3 day training in team participation for all those working in teams.


To provide the tools of effective teamwork

Issues addressed:

Lack of employee engagement High staff turnover New Staff inductions
Team alignment
Safety and trust in teams
Lack of valuable performance feedback to enable growth
Team misalignment
Team goals are misaligned with individual performance goals
Lack of a common purpose and an aligned culture
High emotional and physical stress and illness caused through any of the above
Help in changing team culture,
Barriers between people
Challenges with new team leadership
Lack of personal responsibility for goals and outcomes
Challenging team collaboration across different geographic locations
Dealing with confrontation


Alignment with goals and objectives
taking responsibility
team activities and communication
Addressing conflict
Improving communication
Better understanding of teamwork concepts
Better communication between team members and leaders


The approach in all of our training is a whole person, peer approach working together co-operatively and synergistically

Fees, Numbers and Practical Considerations

Numbers: Between 2 to 20 people
Resources supplied: “The Zen of Groups” by Hunter, Bailey and Taylor. Plus a workbook provided for each participant