Zenergy Facilitators

If you are looking for a Facilitator to provide process expertise, engagement and direction for your next ‘big’ Meeting, Workshop or Event then there are a few things to consider as there are many options out there in the market place. One of the first questions to ask yourself is:

Do you need to use an external facilitator or can you use one of your own? The answer is simple if you do not have one of your own. However if you do have a choice, the questions below will help you make a decision to hire an external facilitator or use one of your own. These questions relate to using your own facilitator.

• Can the people in the group trust their neutrality?
• Are they seen as credible?
• Do they have the required experience with specific facilitation and process tools?
• Will the content of discussions be safe for an insider to know and not cause any fallout?
• Are they available?
If either you or the people participating answer “no” to any of these questions, then you will need to hire an external facilitator.
Contact a Zenergy facilitator below:


Akasadaka Robison

Facilitator, Trainer and Coach. Akasadaka developed his passion for facilitation while working in business development for the Triratna Buddhist Community. He has been either part of or managing cooperative based teams since 1996 in diverse multicultural contexts.

Kelly Townsend

Freedom Through Connection! Kelly Townsend has an extensive background in corporate management & technology consulting, both as a technologist and HR practitioner. She is passionate about groups working co-operatively to achieve their potential and having fun along the way.

Kāren Hunter

Karen Hunter is a musician, performance artist and musical facilitator from New Zealand. Kāren is especially interested in working with Transformational Festivals.
As a Zenergy programme leader Karen adds an integrated aural dimension to courses.

Simone Maus

Facilitator, Trainer, Team Builder & Self Evolvement Coach, Simone works as a freelance facilitator and trainer for a range of projects that included culture development for large corporate clients as well as Conflict Resolution Skills Training with community based organisations.

Laurel Freeland

Laurel Freeland is social ecologist, professional facilitator and project manager who works with organisations and communities to put their desire to work and live more sustainably into practice.

Dale Hunter

Dr. Dale Hunter is a pioneer in the field of group facilitation and the author of the international classic The Art of Facilitation. Dale is a co-founder and Director of Zenergy Ltd.

Stephen Thorpe

Dr. Stephen Thorpe is a Director of Zenergy, an academic, facilitator, trainer, and educator who specialises in group work in the online world.

Liam Forde

Liam Forde is a Zenergy Director, facilitator and programme leader. He is also the founder of The Zone, a human resources and organisational development company.