Community of Resonance

Our Community of Resonance includes Facilitators who have completed our Diploma in Facilitation as well as those who’s work resonates with the Zenergy vision ‘Whole People Cooperating in a Sustainable World’…

Resonance is a beautiful word. A recent article describes the moons of the planet Neptune as being in a relationship of resonance as they orbit the gas giant creating a lattice pattern.

Our graduates, our fellow trainers, our Directors and the groups we work in are participants in our community. This page is a space for us to invite you to meet us.

We are at work in the world. The Zenergy vision is ‘Whole people co-operating in a sustainable world’. There are as many ways to bring life to this vision as their are people. This page is about the wide range of people who have benifited from our facilitation programmes.

We are presently creating this gallery of Zenergy graduates, and affiliates. We are adding more photos as we go. If you are a Zenergy Diploma Graduate and you’d like to be added to this Community of Resonance page please get in contact

Please see the list below this gallery for direct links to the profile pages.

Here are direct links to our profile pages.

Akasadaka Robison
Dan Ducker
Deborah Crowe
Dale Hunter
Corina Roobeck
Laurel Freeland
Liam Forde
Karen Hunter
Kelly Townsend
Simone Maus
Ross Allen