Zenergy programmes are based on many years of experience and research in the area of co-operative technology, as explored and discussed in the books written by Dale Hunter and her colleagues.

We have trained over 2000 people from the business, public, and community sectors, in the skills of facilitation, coaching and co-operacy. Of these 65 have completed the whole Diploma of Facilitation of 800 hours.

We offer public and in-house programmes. The latter can be custom designed to your specific needs. In either case it is best to contact one of our Trainers to talk about the possibilities. We also offer a formal qualification.

The Zenergy Diploma of Facilitation is a modular programme designed to provide in-depth training for facilitators. Each of the stages can be undertaken without being enrolled in the Diploma of Facilitation programme ( pre-requisites may apply ).

This graphic shows the Diploma of Facilitation pathway:


More details about the individual programmes we offer are below;